Winter 2014

On the Road

BreakfastThe Breakfast Club

10 reasons to get out of bed tomorrow morning.

by Rebecca Ratterman





Letter From the Publisher

TableBring on the Heavily Spiced, Mulled, and Slow-Roasted

As days grow longer and temperatures start to plummet, our thoughts begin to transition along with the season: we finish out the old year, grateful for what we’ve learned and done, for family and friends. For what we have.

by Jen Ede


Ground Breaking

BeerMatches Made in Milwaukee

Local food businesses pair up, produce new generations of great tastes.

by Heather Ray





Ethnic Edibles

EthnicTies That Bind

Food traditions of the Italian diaspora. 

by Lori Fredrich





Edible Culture

RacletteMelty Cheese Melts the Heart

Do you fondue? Raclette? You bet.

by Brett Kell





MKE Mixology

PunchBowlPunch Up Your Winter Celebrations

There are as many ways to make punch as there are palates to appreciate it.

by Dy Godsey





DIYMKERoast Dinner, Not Yourself

Easy meaty mainstays for your holiday feast.

by Christina Ward





Vintage Eats

VintageEatsThe Settlement Cook Book

Lizzie Black Kander and the way to Milwaukee’s heart.

by Erika Janik




Grist for the Mill


The place and power of food.

by Dean Magna Peck





Kids Table

KidsTableCooking Up a Lucky New Year

Global New Year’s food traditions to try as a family.

by Francie Szostak





Edible Notables

TheNationalThe Evolution of The National

Though being your own boss is certainly a benefit, for Nell Benton owning and running The National Cafe and Catering means leaning into and improving your local community, day-by-day.

by Edible Milwaukee staff



Edible Notables

ValentineValentine Coffee Roasters: Now Pouring Pints

Beyond roasting and pouring-over a great cup of coffee on Milwaukee’s west side, Valentine Coffee Roasters, in collaboration with Steven’s Point Brewery, can now add brewing to their list of achievements.

by Raeghn Draper


Edible Notables

AlderaanMay the Force Brew With You at Alderaan Coffee

Some might say brothers Daniel and David Neumann are on a diplomatic mission—to bring guests a personal tasting experience with every pour-over.

by Raeghn Draper



Edible Notables

RushCreekReserveProduction of Rush Creek Reserve Canceled Due to Regulatory Uncertainty

Because of the FDA’s recent equivocation on the safety of both raw milk and the aging of cheese on wooden boards, Uplands has canceled production of its Rush Creek Reserve cheese in 2014.

by Brett Kell



Fondue2Fondue’s Friends

Although fondue is traditionally served with crusty bread and sometimes crudités, the remainder of its ideal accompaniments can vary widely. For a non-traditional spin, try mostarda, a condiment made of candied fruit in a mustard-based syrup, eaten alone or on bread.

by Christina Ward




Fregolotti is a giant break-apart cookie from the Veneto region. It starts as a pile of buttery crumbs, but after baking is like a big shortbread cookie.

from Sandragina Ebben




RicePuddingCinnamon Rice Pudding

Try using Quinoa and honey for a healthy, protein-packed substitute. The texture will be less creamy than when using rice, but just as tasty!