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Decor, Inspired by Nature

’Tis the Season to Display Local Bounty

Story by Taylor Patton
Photography by Joe Laedtke

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but they can be the pieces de resistance in your holiday floral arrangement—if you’re willing to think outside the flower box. Whereas many regular florists have a standard recipe for arrangements, Emily Watson, owner of Stems Cut Flowers and Wood Violet, likes things to come together a little more organically. “I like everything to look like it came from the same season. It’s definitely more difficult this way, but I think it looks more natural,” she says. Watson is the creator of the stunning mantle display in picture above. While working, she shared her tips with us on how to expand our idea of buying local beyond food—to rethinking how we source the items we use to adorn our homes. The holidays are a perfect time to find inspiration.

Wood Violet, Watson’s floral design studio, sets itself apart with a nontraditional, elegant aesthetic. About half the flowers she uses there come from her own flower farm, Stems Cut Flowers, which she started in 2008. The rest Watson tries to buy from Wisconsin growers. An abundant source of … Read More

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