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Mobile Munchies

Milwaukee’s Food Trucks Deliver… Literally

Roundup by Rebecca Ratterman
Photography by Edible Staff

Over the past few years, Milwaukee’s food truck scene has all but erupted in a delicious explosion of mobile culinary options. Once a culinary landscape dominated by brick-and-mortar, traveling mobile options now traverse the city, featuring everything from falafel to bacon-stuffed waffles and S’mores pizza.

You can generally catch these trucks at lunchtime this summer during Take-Out Tuesdays at Schlitz Park and on Fridays at Red Arrow Park on Water Street—but be sure to follow them on Twitter for up-to-date schedule information from each individual truck. If you don’t manage to catch them on the go and want the food to come straight to you, many trucks do catering gigs on the side—just check their websites for more information. Here’s Edible Milwaukee’s food truck roundup for your summer noshing needs:

Buddha’s BBQ

Buddha’s BBQ is testament to the fact that family traditions run strong in food, especially in the fine art of smoking meats. Waymon “Buddha” McNeal Jr. learned from his father, “Big Neal” Waymon Sr. the secrets of hearty, mouth-watering barbecue. Buddha’s BBQ truck is commonly found in the Germantown area on the corner of Pilgrim … Read More

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Old Market

Edible Memory: You Are What You Eat

Story by Rebecca Ratterman

What comes to mind when you think of home? Holidays? Are there memories of your mom cooking your favorite dinner? How about Grandma’s famous sugar cookies in the oven? Is it the ridiculous Jell-O mold that your great aunt Susan brought every Easter of your childhood? It may not be any of these things, but odds are, a few memories involve food.

“It seemed simultaneously so sensible and so strange the people would use apple trees and carrot patches to talk about past ways of living.”

Jennifer A. Jordan, an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Urban Studies Programs at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is quite familiar with the concept of food memories. Her book, Edible Memory—The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods, walks readers through the role of vintage and heirloom produce and their role in history.

Not only does the idea of Edible Memory infiltrate our minds with images or people, places, and past experiences; it goes back years, decades, and generations. Edible memory is not only what we associate different foods with, it is the story of produce and recipes throughout time and the world.

Professor Jordan elaborates, … Read More

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Pet-Friendly Patios: Places to Roam with Rover

Story by Rebecca Ratterman
Illustration by Michelle McCammon

Dog lovers will all agree with one simple thing: their dog is a huge part of their life. They’re not called man’s best friend for nothing! We wake up to walk them, fall asleep near them, and lots of folks even travel with them. Well, local businesses have taken note, and now there are more products and services available than ever before.

Milwaukee has a huge patio scene in the summertime, so it’s natural to assume that dog-friendly patios should exist. And we have good news: boy, do they ever. Today, dog lovers can unite and have a nice meal with Fifi, Spot, or Buddy all over Milwaukee and beyond. Take a look at some restaurants across EMKE territory, where you can dine with your furry best friend! (Please, take note: these patios open beginning, weather-permitting, in late April.)


Bay View


Open 7 days a week for dinner starting at 5:00 PM and open for brunch on Sundays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Their dog-friendly patio is open in summer months. Goodkind changes their fresh and local menu regularly; be sure to check out their amazing cocktail menu for … Read More

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The Breakfast Club

10 reasons to get out of bed tomorrow morning

Story by Rebecca Ratterman
Photography by Jen Ede

A wise man (Ron Swanson, to be precise) once said, “There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.” Here in Milwaukee, we try not to play favorites—however, when it comes to meals, breakfast is certainly close to our hearts. Whether you’re flipping pancakes at your house on a Sunday morning with your family, or meeting a friend for coffee and pastries before work, breakfast is a meal of unity. You don’t take just anyone to breakfast, you take those who are special to you. You don’t go just anywhere, because it takes something amazing to feel excited about getting out of bed. We’ve done the preliminary work—check out some amazing hidden, and some not-so hidden, gems around Milwaukee featuring some locally-sourced ingredients. They’re definitely worth the early wake-up.

• BED – Breakfast Every Day • WO – Weekend Only • VF – Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly

Beans and Barley

Most of Milwaukee’s conscientious eaters know Beans and Barley; some of them have even been going since it opened in 1979! Beans was an original trailblazer of the local and sustainable … Read More

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On the Coffee Trail

Local coffee buyers seek and taste beans from across the globe

Story by Rebecca Ratterman
Photography courtesy of Colectivo and Stone Creek; Photos of Anodyne by Joe Laedtke

When you take a sip of coffee, you taste more than roasted beans. You taste the time, energy, and passion of the men and women behind that cup. The coffee a barista serves may be the product of a farmer with generations of familial knowledge, a picker’s deft fingers, a buyer’s keen eye, a roaster’s experienced nose. Whatever the factors, that coffee in your hands didn’t have an easy time making it to you, especially if it’s good.

“Finding the quality we want in coffee is hard,” says Matt McClutchy, owner of Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company. “Financing that is difficult as well because once we find something we like it’ll be six months (until arrival). We pay for it six months before the customers do.” The discipline imposed by this extended buying cycle reflects a commitment to quality—all to satisfy the thirst their customers have for good coffee.

So where does any java begin? As a plant growing in tropical countries from Costa Rica to Sri Lanka. Each cup starts as … Read More

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Outpost Opens New Mequon Store

Story by Rebecca Ratterman

Outpost Natural Foods Co-op last month opened its fourth store, the largest yet and first outside Milwaukee, at 7590 W. Mequon Rd. Featuring a water recycling system, an electric charging station, and a rain garden to produce fruit, vegetables, and herbs for the in-store cafe, this showstopper is one its founders hope will serve as a sustainable beacon for the community.

“It’s bigger, it’s greener and we have more outdoor space to do things like manage water on the site with rain gardens and cisterns, and grow an edible landscape,” said Lisa Malmarowski, Outpost director of Brand & Store Development.

To further the Co-op’s goals of providing organic, fair trade, and GMO-free food, the new Outpost will offer a wide variety of local goods, an expanded lineup of fair trade products (like chocolate, coffee, tea and medicinals), and an entire stock that is certified organic. Shoppers will be excited to know the new location will include, “made to order stone hearth pizzas, genuine New York City bagels and homemade schmears (cream cheeses), a convenient fresh cut fruit and veggie program, hot breakfast options, an expanded line of Kosher products including meat and poultry, expanded meat and Read More

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Revamping the Ramen Craze

Tochi, Ardent bring artful Japanese noodle soups to Milwaukee

Story by Rebecca Ratterman
Photography by Joe Laedtke

Move over Maruchan Instant Lunch Ramen, there are new ramen makers in town and they’re doing it better—way better. Recently two restaurants, the new Tochi and the already established Ardent, have begun to make delicious gourmet ramen in the city.

In January Milwaukee welcomed Tochi, a bright and serene restaurant located in the basement of Shorewood’s Garden Room, which had previously housed Anaba Tea Room. Tochi now serves sublime ramen to complement Anaba’s previous selection of tea (along with a staff trained to guide you through your tea and food choices). Currently, Chef Gregg Des Rosier’s menu ranges from enticingly unique ramen dishes (options include pork belly and smoked bone marrow butter) to congee (a type of rice porridge) and other rice dishes more than capable of pleasing anyone’s inner foodie. For diners unfamiliar with the fare an adventurous choice will undoubtedly pay off, but the traditional Tochi Ramen (also known as Miso ramen) is a good place to start: hot Singapore noodles bathed in a pork-based broth and paired with exquisite, melt-in-your-mouth pork belly and welsh onion — all topped … Read More

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