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Pet-Friendly Patios: Places to Roam with Rover

Story by Rebecca Ratterman
Illustration by Michelle McCammon

Dog lovers will all agree with one simple thing: their dog is a huge part of their life. They’re not called man’s best friend for nothing! We wake up to walk them, fall asleep near them, and lots of folks even travel with them. Well, local businesses have taken note, and now there are more products and services available than ever before.

Milwaukee has a huge patio scene in the summertime, so it’s natural to assume that dog-friendly patios should exist. And we have good news: boy, do they ever. Today, dog lovers can unite and have a nice meal with Fifi, Spot, or Buddy all over Milwaukee and beyond. Take a look at some restaurants across EMKE territory, where you can dine with your furry best friend! (Please, take note: these patios open beginning, weather-permitting, in late April.)


Bay View


Open 7 days a week for dinner starting at 5:00 PM and open for brunch on Sundays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Their dog-friendly patio is open in summer months. Goodkind changes their fresh and local menu regularly; be sure to check out their amazing cocktail menu for … Read More

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Local First

Matches Made in Milwaukee

Local food businesses pair up, produce new generations of great tastes

Story by Heather Ray
Photography by Joe Laedtke

It’s the classic boy meets girl story. But for our purposes, let’s call the boy “Whiskey” and the girl “Ice Cream.” They have so much in common—they both come in pints, they’re both surprising good with root beer, and they’re both worthy of almost any adult celebration. So for Purple Door Ice Cream owners Lauren and Steve Schultz, it was a natural set up to introduce Whiskey to their prized, hand-crafted Ice Cream. Things were off to a good start. Ice Cream seemed to like Whiskey, and people liked them as a couple, but there was something about this particular blend of Whiskey that lacked the kind of local accent that really spoke to Ice Cream.

Then Ice Cream met a new guy—literally, the boy next door, and literally his name is Guy, as in Guy Rehorst, founder of Wisconsin’s first small-batch distillery, Great Lakes Distillery. Since GLD is no more than a mile from Purple Door’s new home on South 2nd Street in Walker’s Point, it was only a matter of time before the two artisans would cross paths.… Read More

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How Milwaukee Earned Its Custard Crown

Historical Roots Lie in State’s Abundance of Ice, Cream, and Eggs

Story by Erika Janik
Photography by Joe Laedtke


It’s easy to take custard for granted in Milwaukee. Known unofficially (or officially depending on whom you ask) as the “custard capital of the world,” Milwaukee and its surrounding communities boast an impressive and well-respected lineup of frozen custard stands and shops, many with decades of cones and sundaes behind them and each with fans as loyal as those of any sports team. Everyone, from businessmen in suits and paramedics in uniform to grandmothers and former President Bill Clinton eats custard.

How can you explain something as critical to Milwaukee life as custard?

First, frozen custard is not ice cream. The FDA requires custard to contain at least 10% butterfat and 1.4% egg yolks. That small percentage of yolk might not sound like much, but most ice creams contain less than one egg and some none at all because eggs are costly and require special handling in production. The yolks are crucial to custard’s satiny rich body and creamier finish.

The most vital element, though, may be what custard does not contain: air. The monstrous metallic machines used to make … Read More

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