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Behind the Kitchen Door

The Milwaukee Restaurant Ecosystem

Story by Brett Kell
Graphic by Tim Demeter

There are an estimated 1,300 restaurants in Milwaukee, with more than 50 opening in the past year. These range from neighborhood mom-and-pop operations to expensive gustatory palaces, each of them vying for the attention and dollars of an increasingly savvy audience.

What’s remarkable about this burgeoning scene is that when digging at the roots that anchor and connect these establishments, some familiar faces emerge cloaked in chef’s whites. As much as restaurants live or die by their food, their leadership and staff play perhaps an even more important role.

The chefs who have worked in these kitchens are as numerous as they are talented, and each of them has taken something from his or her experience that has shaped an approach to subsequent roles. Together, this deeply interconnected network of chefs and owners has helped Milwaukee become recognized as one of the top food cities in the nation.

For the Love of It

“Milwaukee has come a long way,” says Joe Bartolotta, co-owner of The Bartolotta Restaurant Group. “The growth is expansive. It’s awesome. Part of what makes it so special is that the community of chefs … Read More

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Pet-Friendly Patios: Places to Roam with Rover

Story by Rebecca Ratterman
Illustration by Michelle McCammon

Dog lovers will all agree with one simple thing: their dog is a huge part of their life. They’re not called man’s best friend for nothing! We wake up to walk them, fall asleep near them, and lots of folks even travel with them. Well, local businesses have taken note, and now there are more products and services available than ever before.

Milwaukee has a huge patio scene in the summertime, so it’s natural to assume that dog-friendly patios should exist. And we have good news: boy, do they ever. Today, dog lovers can unite and have a nice meal with Fifi, Spot, or Buddy all over Milwaukee and beyond. Take a look at some restaurants across EMKE territory, where you can dine with your furry best friend! (Please, take note: these patios open beginning, weather-permitting, in late April.)


Bay View


Open 7 days a week for dinner starting at 5:00 PM and open for brunch on Sundays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Their dog-friendly patio is open in summer months. Goodkind changes their fresh and local menu regularly; be sure to check out their amazing cocktail menu for … Read More

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If They Plant It, We Will Eat

Milwaukee chefs, farmers change the way we read menus

Story by Heather Ray
Photography by Joe Laedtke

It’s 5 o’clock. Do you know where your dinner came from? Diners who order the New York Strip Fajitas at Café Corazon in Riverwest do. The beef comes straight from the owner’s family farm in Waupun, Wisconsin. In Bay View, the Burger at HoneyPie is made with Wisconsin grass-fed beef and a sunny side egg from Yuppie Hill Farms in Burlington. Even a salad at Palomino Bar is piled high with local greens from Milwaukee’s Growing Power. How do customers know? It’s up there on the blackboard.

Farm-to-table, whether you’re tired of the phrase or not, is gaining momentum in Milwaukee, and it’s just as much of a marketing tool these days as it is a philosophy. It’s redefining the way we eat, the way we shop, the way we read a menu. But what does it mean?

In the restaurant world, it simply means the chef can tell you what farm the carrots in your soup came from. But who’s asking?

Folks like Stacy Tornio, that’s who. The 33-year-old wife and working mother of two was overjoyed when she finally got … Read More

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