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Peeling Back the Layers

Onions Star in 3 Seasonal Recipes

By Mary Reilly

Onions are the kitchen workhorse. So many delicious recipes are built on their savory foundation. Without onions, we’d have no mirepoix, Cajun trinity or soffrito. But these pantry MVPs can star on their own as well. In these recipes, we celebrate the onion’s, well, “onion-ness.” Whether they’re red, white, yellow or sweet, show off your onions!

Aunt Helen’s Three-Cheese Onions

I was introduced to this dish at a family Thanksgiving dinner. The casserole is more a condiment than a side dish, so don’t be scared by the amount of cheese in the dish, as the serving size will be small. Serves 6–8 as a side dish.

Butter, for greasing baking dish
6 large onions, sliced
Freshly ground pepper
1½ c. (6 oz.) shredded Havarti
10 oz. Boursin cheese (substitute herbed goat cheese)
1½ cup (6 oz.) shredded Gruyere

Heat oven to 350°.

Grease a 2-qt. baking dish with butter.

Layer one-third of the onions into the dish and sprinkle with Havarti and a few pinches of ground pepper. Top with another one-third of the onions and then, add Boursin and a few more pinches of pepper. Put the rest of the … Read More

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