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Egg Not: Rum Drinks Revisited

3 Winter Drinks to Warm Your Spirit

Recipes by Dy Godsey
Photography by Joe Laedtke

Just like the seasons themselves, our palates change with the calendar. In the hot months, we tend to like bright, juicy cocktails. As the weather cools, we prefer more savory drinks. And, when it’s cold out? Hot drinks of all types come into favor. A steaming mug warms up your hands and your soul like nothing else can. Here are three easy ways to give yourself a little vacation from the shorter days of winter.

Hot Buttered Rum

Traditional hot buttered rums suffered from an unappetizing oil slick of butter on their surface, which this recipe avoids through the magic of fat-washing. OK, it’s not magic, but it is science (and that’s even cooler).

8 oz. barrel-aged rum
½ stick of locally produced, organic butter
2 t. ground cinnamon
½ t. ground nutmeg
1 t. ground allspice

Toast your spices over low heat until they are fragrant, then add the butter. When it is melted, stir to combine, then brown the spiced butter until it looks like caramel. Remove from heat and cool slightly. Add rum, and let sit overnight.

Transfer the rum mixture to … Read More

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Mix It Up At Home!

4 Twists on the Old Fashioned

Recipes by Dy Godsey
Photography by Jen Janviere

If you only learn one thing from me, let it be this: the old fashioned is a total paradox. It is one thing, made of four things, and because of its flexibility, it can be more things than I can count. It’s one thing, only in that it is a cocktail made of spirit, sugar, bitters and water. There is a lot of breathing room in that formula. So, get creative and adapt, then tag Edible Milwaukee on social media so we can see how you do it! To get you started, here are four to try with friends:

A Vodka Old Fashioned

2 oz. vodka
¾ oz. rich simple syrup (2:1 sugar-to-water)
Half a dropperful of Bittercube Bolivar bitters
4 dashes Angostura bitters

Combine all ingredients with ice and stir slowly, about 20 times, then strain over fresh ice.

A Gin Old Fashioned

2 oz. gin
¾ oz rich simple syrup
4 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters

Combine all ingredients with ice and stir slowly, about 20 times, then strain over fresh ice and garnish with a twist of orange peel.

A Chocolate-Rum Old Fashioned

This one … Read More

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Build a Bar

Story by Dy Godsey

The phrase “craft cocktail” has been around for so long that it’s starting to make some people uncomfortable. While those two words may have jumped the shark, applying the time-honored tenets of craftsmanship to cocktails has not. Thoughtful selection of ingredients, proper mixing and the right gear are as important behind the bar as they are in the kitchen.

Milwaukee is your palate’s playground, where local players combine to make spirits, bitters and tonic syrup in the Lincoln Warehouse. We are also home to top bartending talent. At a time when even home bartenders want to make more complex and impressive drinks, we’ve worked up a delicious concoction for you. Here are five ingredients to the perfect local cocktail.

Tea. Rishi Tea has been the secret weapon of Milwaukee’s best bartenders for years. Any recipe calling for simple syrup can be made vastly more interesting with tea syrup, and Rishi Tea is known as much for the quality of their selections as their expertise in blending them. Using their teas to make syrup is lovely way to herald next season’s juicy flavors into your spring drinks.

Rishi Tea’s Herb Lab Series builds a bridge between the … Read More

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Rum Balls

The Perfect Boozy Bringalong

Story by Dy Godsey
Photography by Jen Janviere

I love the whole holiday season. There are lots of people who think this is profoundly uncool. Ten years ago, I would have agreed. Time, and the wisdom that comes with time, has taught me that the Season of Giving is what you make it, just like everything else in life.

I’m not a lunatic; I know that scheduling everything you want to accomplish and enjoy is harder in December. The stakes feel higher when I’m swimming in an ocean of other people’s expectations and anxieties. Then I remember: they are getting tossed about in the waves. I am swimming.

When we talk about the seasons in Wisconsin, we are usually referring to the weather, but this season-within-a-season is different. We suspend our normal lives for a few weeks in winter when everything changes. We get out of ourselves and listen carefully to those closest to us, as we try to crack the code of the Perfect Gift. Then we plot and scheme to keep it a secret, so we can spring delight on our loved ones and watch their faces glow.

One of my favorite things about … Read More

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Pabst Returns to Milwaukee

Did it Ever Really Leave?

Story by Dy Godsey
Photography by Jen Janviere

The Pabst Brewery had a presence in Milwaukee for 152 years, and now we hear it’s coming home. The brand’s meaning in culture has gone through numerous and dramatic transformations throughout its 171-year history. Each successive owner of the company left a hefty imprint on the company, and now I wonder: which Pabst is coming home?

The Pabst brand’s series of dramatic transformations can be traced all the way back to the mid-19th century. Captain Frederick Pabst, a real boat captain (having earned the title in his early twenties on a Great Lakes Steamer), married a young woman named Maria Best and settled in Milwaukee. Shortly afterward, Pabst bought half of his father-in-law’s business. With this purchase, he became co-owner of Best Brewery, maintaining an ownership position through Jacob Best’s retirement and the death of his partner, Emil Schandein in 1888. A year later, the name of the brewery officially changed to that of its new owner.

In many ways, Pabst Brewing Company never really left. It’s coming home to a place where many landmarks already bear the family name.

The legacy of the Best Brewing Company … Read More

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Sunlit Sippin’: Day Drinking is in Our DNA

Column by Dy Godsey
Photography by Jennifer Janviere

Outdoor drinking: you hear the phrase and your mind conjures sunshine, good company and cold ones. It’s practically in our DNA. Wisconsin’s Germanic ancestors had a powerful influence over our state’s drinking culture. The fine folks who flauted tradition to invent the brandy old-fashioned were additionally well-known for day drinking together under the trees, surrounded by friends and family. This season, that legacy is ours to celebrate. Tempus fugit, my friend.

The sweet warmth of the sun will not be ours forever. You must squeeze every drop of fun out of these dog days. Baseball games, paddleboarding, picnics, camping, biking… these are the times you’ll remember.

Dog Days of Drinking

Whether you are an accomplished summer drinker, a green neophyte or something in-between, the Wisconsin beckon to day drink is calling you. It goes without saying that moderation is required—but whether you’re sipping beer, wine or spirit, you can have your fun and drink it, too.

Put a call out to your friends and meet at any one of Southeast Wisconsin’s sunny patios to hydrate and soak up vitamin D without too much fuss. With a little planning, you can make … Read More

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Hartland Organic Family Farm: Seeding and Feeding a Community

Story and photography by Dy Godsey

Driving out to the Hartland Organic Family Farm is like traveling back in time. I was raised out in this neck of the woods, forty minutes west of Milwaukee—or a million miles away, depending on how you measure these things. A two-lane road winds through the forest on the back of a ridge that was carved by glaciers at the end of the last Ice Age. The farm I’m visiting is a throwback, too, to a time when the work of brewers and farmers was closely linked. It’s a family farm, not a factory farm, where Meghan and Tom Findley are turning a couple of hoop houses and a lot of worms into a plan for improving the world we share.

The average age of farmers in the U.S. is 58, but the number of young farmers is on the rise. The Findleys are among this growing number, but Meghan laughs when she says, “Neither of us thought we were going to be farmers!” The way she tells their journey into farming, I can almost feel the hand of fate moving the pieces together. It all started when Meghan was on maternity leave from … Read More

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Punch Up Your Winter Celebrations

A convivial gathering place

Column by Dy Godsey
Photography by Joe Laedtke

Ahhhh…. the holidays. Theoretically a time of great enjoyment, filled with the warmth and love of friends and family. Snowfall, fireplaces, and twinkle lights set the stage and the air is filled with music and the scent of pine and spices. In practice, however, most of us end up stressed and exhausted during what could be the most wonderful time of the year. Our work schedules stay the same, but our sleep is replaced by riddles like, what does my husband’s sister-in-law want? Can I get to all three big-box stores on the way home from work, still have time to wrap presents, and be in bed before midnight? In our struggle to keep
up, we miss opportunities to take in the joys of the season.

Maybe the answer is to focus less on presents and more on being present. As adults, we manage our wants and needs as they arise, which is part of why it’s so difficult to shop for us. Instead of adding to general stress levels by centering holiday entertaining around gift-giving, why not give everybody a break and just get together to enjoy … Read More

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By Turns Sweet or Sour


Purity, flavor of homemade syrups, infusions making comeback

Column and photography by Dy Godsey

TV dinners and processed cheese food are to cuisine what sweet & sour mix is to mixology. Generally called “sour mix” behind the bar, it is mass-produced and is about as unnatural as can be. For decades until fairly recently, convenience trumped quality and artificiality became the standard. The American palate was held hostage by colors and flavors produced by the gastronomy-industrial complex.

Just when it looked like that banal nightmare was never going to end, a bartender named Dale DeGroff at New York’s Rainbow Room in the 1980s read an antique bartending book from 1862. “The Bon-Vivant’s Companion,” by Jerry Thomas, inspired DeGroff to return to the classic ratios and formulas, juicing his own fruit and making drinks the way the old masters had. The result? Revolution. Attention to basic details made such a difference in the quality of DeGroff’s mixology that he is generally considered to be the craft cocktail movement’s founding father (and he’s also a James Beard Award winner). American bartenders picked up his torch, armed with the ratios, techniques and ingredients of bartending’s Golden Age.

The seeds of this movement could … Read More

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Wisconsin’s (Un)Official State Cocktail

How nostalgia gave birth to the Old Fashioned

Story and Photography by Dy Godsey

In the Holy Trinity of old-school cocktails – the Martini, the Manhattan, and the Old Fashioned – the one most intimately associated with the great State of Wisconsin is certainly the latter. We have made it our own so thoroughly that when we are presented with an actual Old Fashioned, we sometimes refuse to believe our taste buds. Over the years, I’ve heard many of my guests complain that their out-of-state bartenders “don’t even know how to make it.” The classical formula is as nearly perfect as a drink can be, but Wisconsin iconoclasts have de- and re-constructed this drink to suit nearly any palate.

In our state, if one orders an Old Fashioned, likely the bartender will serve 2 ounces of Korbel brandy and an ounce of premixed “bug juice”: sugar, water and Angostura bitters. The premixed ingredients save the steps of combining and muddling, while silently testifying to the popularity of the drink. The brandy and burgundy-colored slurry are combined in their eponymous glass. The default setting of this drink seems to be “sweet,” so your bartender will gun a splash of Sprite or … Read More

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