Spring 2015

Letter From the Publisher

PublisherNothing I Hate More Than Seeing Food Being Thrown Away

It’s difficult to address wastefulness without looking deeper: what we eat is one aspect, but how do we treat our fellow humans? The neighborhood standing around us? The environment as a whole?

by Jen Ede


Back of the House

BackoftheHouseThe Best of What’s Around

Invasive species and other uncommon ingredients make for diverse eating.

by Brett Kell




On the Road

OntheRoadPet-Friendly Patios

Today, dog lovers can unite and have a nice meal with Fifi, Spot, or Buddy all over Milwaukee and beyond.

by Rebecca Ratterman




Ethnic Edibles

EthnicEdiblesThe Seder

In the Jewish tradition, it is considered a mitzvah – a good deed – to invite people of other faiths to attend the Seder dinner. 

by Jen Ede




Down on the Farm

DownOntheFarmHartland Organic Family Farm: Feeding and Seeing a Community

Meghan and Tom Findley of Hartland Organic Family Farm are turning a couple of hoop houses and a lot of worms into a plan for improving the world we share.

by Dy Godsey


Vintage Eats

VintageEatsVictory Gardens in Wartime Wisconsin and Today

Meatless Mondays aren’t new. Nor is eating less wheat or raising backyard chickens. One hundred years ago, on the World War I home front, the shovel became a rifle and the furrow a trench.

by Erika Janik


Edible Culture

EdibleCultureChanging Times for Wisconsin Cheesemakers

GMO labeling coming up next at Whole Foods cheese counters.

by Jeanne Carpenter



Ground Breaking

GroundBreakingBlueprints Gone Green

Reclaiming, recycling, and repurposing in retail and beyond.

by Heather Ray






Make your scraps sing a new tune.

by Christina Ward





Edible Cooks

EdibleCooksChewing the Fat

Rendering and reusing animal fats for future feasts.

by Jenny Lee-Adrian





Kids Table

KidsTableEliminating Family Food Waste

Changing kids from wasters to savers.

by Francie Szostak





Grist for the Mill

Hope Rebuilt

A Northside neighborhood’s journey of restoration has transformed vacant lots into gardens, orchards, and public spaces. These repurposed spaces inspire hope and innovation.

by Sharon and Larry Adams



Edible Notables

NotablesEdible Memory

You are what you eat.

by Rebecca Ratterman