Urban Ecology Center’s 7th Annual Winterfest

Photography by Joe Laedtke

The day was frigid, but the atmosphere cozy at the Washington Park Urban Ecology Center’s 7th Annual Winterfest. The question on everyone’s mind was which to do first: work up an appetite by ice skating on the solidly frozen lagoon, cross-country ski around the sledders hurtling down the hills, or just stay put, admiring the igloo made of ice blocks, some brightly-colored with the help of dyed soda bottles. Or a final option: eat and then plan to burn it off with winter sports? Many chose the latter — it was difficult not to admire the handmade desserts, lovingly crafted by Community Pie. Ground cherries, apples, plums, peaches, berries, pears, latticework tops and crimped sides. The table groaned under the weight of it all; happily, when Community Pie started serving, there was something for everyone.

The group, whose motto is “Where Everyone Gets a Piece of the Pie”, gathers fruit gleaned from neighborhood orchards and bushes, and twice a year teaches kids how to make, bake, and serve pastry. Keep an eye out for their summer date, in conjunction with an outdoor concert.

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