MATC Expands To Meet Food Career Demands

MATC Cuisine Logo


The Milwaukee Area Technical College, 700 West State Street, is expanding its programming to meet an increased demand from students for careers in the culinary arts. To house these new classes, MATC’s facilities now include an additional culinary arts skills lab and an international foods lab. On the bottom floor, just steps from Cuisine (the student-run restaurant), Chef Andy Schneider of Le Reve Patisserie & Cafe and his team have helped the college design and implement a spacious bakery and seating area, where students will be able to gain real-life experience with food production, baking and serving clientele.

What’s impressive about MATC besides the classrooms is the focus on real-life experience chef instructors provide. A few weeks ago, we dropped in on a class demonstrating pig butchering, where each student was encouraged to make a cut. After fabricating, the future chefs all went off – some to cure, others to brine – each piece destined to be served on the Farm-to-Fork Pork Fest menu.

Head in for lunch on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to check out reasonably-priced meals emphasizing local produce. Reservation schedule at

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