Anodyne Cures What Ails Ya at New Walker’s Point Location

anodyne coffee walker's point

(Photo courtesy of Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.)

Looking at turn-of-the-century medicine bottles, Matt McClutchy noticed that many had written on them “anodyne,” which, in olden times, meant “to soothe or cure pain.” That word-turned-mantra has served Milwaukee since the roaster’s inception in 1999 at the old Brewed Awakenings; Bay Viewites since 2006; and has now found a new home in Walker’s Point at 224 West Bruce Street.

Originally Anodyne’s building was Arex, a water bottling plant. The space was one of the first Matt saw, but was dismissed as being too big and in rough shape. Now it has been re-furnished and polished to its original shine. Looking closely, you’ll see tables recovered from Matt’s wife’s family farm and a bar made of recovered materials from the Nautical (a nearby bar that has since closed). Continuing the sustainability theme, there is a new roaster, which recycles heat and uses 80% less gas.

In addition to the cafe space, there is an art gallery and concert venue, complete with an old Milwaukee-made piano. In the next few months, keep an eye out for growlers for the holidays, coffee beer brewed by Milwaukee Brewing Company, and seasonal coffees: Aylele, from Ethiopia; Perla Negra from Costa Rica, and Kikai from Kenya.

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