Letter From the Publisher – Winter 2015

JenEdeWinter2015By Jen Ede

In both my business life and professional life, I talk a lot about the idea of a “tribe”—plainly, your tribe consists of the people who are there for you, whenever, for whatever it is that you need. They are your partners in pursuit of building something better, those who help you up when you fall—who encourage you along in your path and cheer the loudest when you achieve your goal.

Since the beginning, our community partners, readers and friends have been this tribe for us. We have reached a great many milestones by our third year, and this holiday season, we once again give thanks to them. Please, show our partners your support in turn by patronizing their businesses and thanking them for powering our magazine with their advertising dollars.

By collaboration or design, Milwaukee’s food community is its own tribe and there is some serious mutual support at work. This quarter, new businesses opened—the Innovation and Wellness Commons, a project by Fix Development, led by Walnut Way, gave home to another Outpost retail store, the Fondy Food Center’s offices, The Juice Kitchen and others in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood. This project’s fruition brought with it the bright light of hope—the intention to continue revitalizing.

Bonus for local food lovers—there is no break between seasons for us, an amazing blessing during Wisconsin’s winter.

Meanwhile, existing businesses have kept binding neighborhood ties. Over on Lisbon, we visited Amaranth, an institution that not only bakes some of the best breads and pastries in the city, but gives back as generously as the caramel sauce covering their sticky buns. (It’s their stunning Kouign-Amann on the cover.) The Spice House on Old World Third welcomed us for a photoshoot to accompany our Vintage Eats feature, on Wisconsin’s European history laced with spices. Larry’s Market helped by putting together a cheese tray featuring three of the most addictive kinds of cold pack cheese out there.

In other significant food news, the Milwaukee County Winter Farmers’ Market has now join forces with Fondy Farmers Market, giving local vendors the opportunity to support themselves during the winter. Bonus for local food lovers—there is no break between seasons for us, an amazing blessing during Wisconsin’s winter. You, too, are a part of the Milwaukee food tribe. Know that every time you choose to keep your dollars local, whether for food, services or gifts, it makes a huge difference in our community.

So, settle in and grab a warm beverage. With the help of our gift guide for beer lovers, get dazed (and maybe a little drunk) at the possibilities to put under the tree. Go on the road to visit our area chocolate makers, then try your hand at making a trifle with the help of our Edible Cooks section. Savor the season, but most of all, give thanks for your tribe—and feed them well.

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