Last Bite: Fall 2015

LastBiteFall2015Photography by Joe Laedtke

Kevin Sloan, executive chef of the Pabst Theater Group, is old school. In 2001, almost a full decade before local food became the thing it is in Milwaukee, he opened The Social, one of the first restaurants to take European and Midwestern influences and bend them in an artistic way.

In 2005, the Social moved, but the former space morphed into Room 434, a classroom-themed lounge—literally, an old classroom with globes, old yearbooks, miscellaneous trophies and aquariums. It was there that Kevin reimagined and revamped his school lunch menus: a fried bologna sandwich. Pizza pockets. Mock chicken legs.

For our fall issue Last Bite, we asked Kevin to go back, way back, back into time. He served up for us a Salisbury steak with Amaretto gravy, honey-pumpkin mashed potatoes and buttered peas and carrots. School’s back in session, kids.

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