Fall 2015

Letter From the Publisher

Come and Get It!

Each quarter, we go out into the city and forage for our stories, bringing them back to our kitchen and experimenting to see what they’ll taste like. We draw inspiration from recipes collected along the way, and from the people whose work in local food makes Milwaukee such an incredible place to live, work and eat.

by Jen Ede


On the Road

Milwaukee Pizza: Why is It Cut into Rectangles?

The story of Milwaukee party-cut pizza.

by Rick Rodriguez




On the Road

Bryant’s: Milwaukee’s Original Cocktail Lounge

People flock to Bryant’s for the skillfully prepared retro and modern cocktails—but also to visit a place that, for years, has preserved its own unique identity.

by Jenna Kashou


Vintage Eats

Wisconsin Supper Clubs

For many Wisconsinites, the supper club is such a part of life that it’s easy to forget—or even realize—that it has little meaning outside state lines.

by Erika Janik




Back of the House

The Milwaukee Restaurant Ecosystem

There are an estimated 1,300 restaurants in Milwaukee, with more than 50 opening in the past year. These range from neighborhood mom-and-pop operations to expensive gustatory palaces, each of them vying for the attention and dollars of an increasingly savvy audience.

by Brett Kell


Back of the House

Chefs Find Home in Smallwaukee

Odd Duck’s executive chef Daniel Jacobs and his wife Kate Riley, an artist and potter, never meant to call Milwaukee home. But when the young couple found themselves out of work in Chicago, they decided to escape the financial burden of the city.

by Heather Ray


Edible Cooks

Rosemary-Crusted Pear Pockets

This “NOT-Tart” is pop-inspired.

by Sanford D’Amato





Cream City Libations

Pabst Returns to Milwaukee

The Pabst Brewery had a presence in Milwaukee for 152 years, and now we hear it’s coming home.

by Dy Godsey




Ethnic Edibles

Our German Soldiers

A place in Milwaukee during wartime.

by Christina Ward





Kids Table

Packing an A+ Lunch

Everyone wants to start the new school year off on the right foot. To help make 2015-2016 the healthiest and happiest school year yet, we sat down with a couple of mom/registered dietitians, to pick their brains for quick and healthy lunch options for kids of all ages.

by Francie Szostak


Grist for the Mill

Drink Local

A hundred years ago, buying locally-made goods was a necessity. Now, to “Buy Local” is a choice—and a statement.

by Guy Rehorst




 Produce Report

What’s In Season – September, October and November

For many of us, when we think fresh, local produce, we think summertime. But it’s those hot temperatures and long days that set up fall to truly be the most bountiful time of the year here in Southeastern Wisconsin.

by Francie Szostak


Edible Notables

Sinking Our Teeth Into Spain

Milwaukee’s Appetite for Iberian Cuisine.

by Molly Rippinger





Edible Notables

The Best of the Booze-Less

Today’s bartenders are catering to teetotalers with concoctions that are just as complex and delicious as the real deal.

by Molly Rippinger




Edible Notables

SpotHopper’s Individualized Approach

Milwaukee-based app eliminates the guesswork of going out.

by Molly Rippinger



Last Bite

Kevin Sloan is Old School

For our fall issue, we asked Kevin Sloan, executive chef at the Pabst Theater Group, to go back, way back, back into time.

by Edible Staff